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96 CONSULTING AND TRAINING | Cito The Piramide Approach by Cito A self-renewing professional development approach for early education Headquarters: Arnhem, The Netherlands Founded in: 1968 Number of employees: 620 Sector: Educational test development Business activities: › Formative assessment instruments › Large scale test development › Psychometric research › Educational consultancy Products & services: › The Piramide Approach › Professional development programmes › Formative assessment instruments › Digital pupil monitoring systems › Consultancy and technical assistance › Teacher training Important facts & figures: › Scientific foundation › Evidence-based › Universal approach › Online and on-site training programme T he Piramide Approach is a scientifically-based and internationally recognised universal pro- gramme for early childhood education that was developed by Dr. Jef van Kuyk, a respected educational psychologist from Cito. Cito, a Netherlands-based company, is one of the world’s largest and most respected educational testing and measurement institutes. The Piramide Approach to learning is designed to prepare young children for school success. The approach delivers exceptional results, especially in the areas of language and mathematics. Since 1999, it has been widely used in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Indonesia, and has been piloted in the United States over the last four years with very promising results. Piramide classrooms in the U.S. outperformed comparison classrooms on five scales as measured by CLASS (Pianta, LaParo, & Hamre, 2008). These scales included instruc- tional learning formats, productivity, behavior management, language modeling, and teacher sensitivity. The Piramide Approach has proven to be effective for all ability levels; ranging from children needing intense language and devel- opmental support to those with advanced skills in thinking and learning. Extensive online and on-site teacher training programmes are available. Piramide is considered one of the world’s most innova- tive, scientifically and evidence-based early childhood approaches. Piramide Approach to Early Childhood Education by Cito Amsterdamseweg 13 6814 CM Arnhem The Netherlands Phone +31 26 352-1550 Fax +31 26 352-1356 Email Web Phone +3126352-1550 Fax +3126352-1356