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CONSULTING AND TRAINING | Bundesverband Berufsbildungsexport 94 Consulting and Services Assessment of national VET-systems • Assessment of the overall structure of professional training in a country • Categorisation of courses of education and diplomas • Structure of curricula and exams • Assessment (strategies) of VET trainers and teachers • Assessment of learned skills and competences • Assessment of systems of quality control • Development of widespread training stations Establishing a vocational training centre (VTC) • Business plan/foundation concept • Establishment of training stations • Establishment of centres of excellence • Support during realisation phase • Support during starting phase Improving an existing VTC • Assessment of a VTC level and quality • Improvement • Upgrading of a VTC to a centre of excellence • Implementation plan • Quality management and assurance Software solutions • E-learning platforms • E-learning solutions • Administration software Curricula development • Translation services of German curricula • Adaption to national conditions • Modularisation and placement of levels Cooperation with enterprises in training • Matching of fitting companies • Demands analysis • Introduction and coordination of enterprises in training Training of teachers-system • Stepped structuring of training of trainers, teachers, instructors and tutors • Curricula for careers of trainers, teachers, instructors and tutors • Further qualification for teachers of vocational schools Management services • Temporary management • Quality management Trainings Level based trainings • Basic training for beginners (Level 1) • Supplementary courses (Level 2) • Two years training with diploma as Junior Associate (Level 3) • Three years training with diploma as Professional Associate (Level 4) • Further training with diploma as Professional Assistant (Level 5) • German Industry Master Intl. (Level 6) Life long learning • Short term seminars • Evening classes and on-the-job trainings • Distance classes • Certified system for stepwise education Basic/vocational preparation programmes • Courses for vocational orientation • Ensure basic school competencies (reading/writing/maths) • Accompaniment of job starters • Capacity for teamwork • Skills matching • Capacity development International recruiting and education of nurses from China Training for metal workers in Querétaro, Mexico