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MEDIA AND SOFTWARE | Westermann Publishing Group 88 Anlagenmechaniker/-in Sanitär/Heizung/Klimatechnik – Tabellenbuch (Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation – table book) Authors: Ihle, Bader, Golla › The textbook is divided into four main topics: “Basic concepts and electrical systems”, “Technical communication”, “Heating technology”, “Plumbing” › More than 2,000 technical drawings and engineering drawings, provided by well-known companies from the trade and industry sector, emphasize the educational content. › It includes a bilingual glossary of more than 1,900 technical terms; latest technical develop- ments, such as solar and photovoltaic technology have been incorporated. › ISBN 978-3-441-92162-2, 9th edition 2014, 536 pages Stahl- und Metallbau – Tabellenbuch (Steel and metal construction – table book) Authors: Falk, Gieseke, Krause, Tiedt › Table book for professionals in steel and metal construction following the latest DIN standards and VDI guidelines › Includes numerous tables, graphs and technical drawings in four colour print › Complementary downloadable worksheets, additional information, tables and practical examples › ISBN 978-3-14-235020-2, 1st edition 2013, 480 pages Mechatronik Grundwissen (Basic knowledge in mechatronics) Authors: Fuhrmann, Sokele, Staus, Thielert › For beginner-level students in the field of mechatronics and production technology (1st year of vocational training) › Includes a large number of practical tasks to develop the student’s vocational skills. › Second volume “Specialists Knowledge in Mechatronics” for advanced-level students (2nd–4th year of vocational training) is available (ISBN 978-3-14-222530-2). › ISBN 978-3-14-222530-2, 2nd edition 2013, 452 pages Berufe der Lagerlogistik (Professions in logistics and warehousing) Authors: Baumann, Baumgart, Geltinger, Kähler, Lewerenz, Schliebner › This book series provides profound knowledge and understanding of all logistic and ware- housing related processes. › The book series “Professions in logistics and warehousing” consists of the following text books: “Logistical Processes” (ISBN 978-3-441-00360-1) “Commercial management and Controlling” (ISBN 978-3-427-00367-0), “Commercial value processes” (ISBN 978- 3-44100362-5), “Mathematics” (ISBN 978-3-441-00361-8) and “Social and economic processes” (ISBN 978-3-441-00363-2). › Accompanying workbooks for each volume are sold separately.