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84 MEDIA AND SOFTWARE | MTS Universal CNC and CAM training From CNC machine tool operator to CAM programmer in production planning Headquarters: Berlin, Germany Founded in: 1980 Number of employees: 23 Sector: CNC & CAM software development Business activities: › Software development for training and production in metalworking, curricula, e-learning and courseware development › Teacher training, conception, realisation Products & services: › TopTrain: e-learning for elementary CNC › TopMill: 3D CNC simulation & programming › TopTurn: 3D CNC simulation & programming › NCTest: CNC audit module turning & milling › TopFix: modular clamping system › TopCAM: 2D & 3D CAM milling & turning Important facts & figures: › Market leader in CNC training software › Software integrated in industrial CNCs › Represented worldwide in different languages › All products developed solely by MTS T he MTS CNC training system arose from the training requirement to convey efficiently not only all the theoretical CNC-learning content but also as much practical CNC-learning content without the use of a real CNC machine tool on the PC and thus larger groups in the classroom or distance learn- ing courses to teach. The basis of the MTS CNC training system is an accurate 3D CNC machine simulation and collision monitoring for up to 5-axis turning and milling machining centres, which means that at the CNC programming any existing CNC control and the kinematics of each machine tool or machin- ing robot can be adapted and thus meet the requirement “Working with the simulation software as a right CNC machine tool”. With the manual machine operation on a CNC panel and setting up the machine with manual mode, tool selection, tool assembly, workpiece clamping operation using the tool and clamping device administrations, large parts of the practical learning content can be provided to the virtual machines, without a CNC machine need to be available. As a result, time in the practical training is saved. It can be programmed in the desired CNC language in interactive dialogue with direct simulation of input ISO programme blocks. These software products are supported with learning materials and exercises for students and guidelines for the teacher. For an introduction to CNC basics and to programming, there is an e-learning system with integrated CNC simulation. MTS Mathematisch Technische Software-Entwicklung GmbH Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 101 10553 Berlin Germany Phone +49 30 349 9600 Fax +49 30 349 960-25 Email Web Phone +49303499600 Fax +4930349960-25