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KINDERGARTEN AND SCHOOL EQUIPMENT | The Cool Tool 80 The Cool Tool GmbH Playful learning, creative working Headquarters: Mödling, Austria Founded in: 1982 Number of employees: 15 Sector: Micro training machines and software Business activities: › Development and production › Crafting and engineering lab equipment › Curricula and qualification solutions › Conception, planning and realisation Products & services: › PLAYMAT: kindergarten › UNIMAT Basic: elementary › UNIMAT Classic: secondary › UNIMAT Metall-Line: TVET › UNIMAT-CNC machines: CNC-training › HOTWIRE CUTTING Important facts & figures: › Represented in over 40 countries › Austrian manufacturer › Over 1 million units sold The Cool Tool GmbH Fabriksgasse 15 2340 Mödling Austria Phone +43 2236 892666 Fax +43 2236 892666-18 Email Web T he Cool Tool GmbH is specialised in micro machines for training, simulation and prototyping for the educational field from elementary up to university level – from creative crafting with a jig saw up to multiaxis CNC milling. The Unimat machine series is a unique, multifunctional, modular tool system that allows students to work just like on big industrial machines, but much safer and easier to comprehend. The system facilitates an active approach with high student involvement even in large groups. Students not only can evolve their creativity and skills but also develop technical understanding, with practical orientation and fun. Modular- ity, size and cost effectiveness of the system allow for active utilization of the machines even in bigger groups. From built environment, engineering, product design in elementary and lower secondary education up to stand- ard ISO g-code programming, program structure, CNC processing in higher technical education, a wide range of learning fields and teaching contents can be covered. Additionally offered: • Didactic materials: lesson plans, work sheets and theory exercises including feedback sheets and quizzes • Projects and building plans: instructions from the most simple crafting models to programming exercises for CNC • Raw material: wood, aluminum, jewelry wax, prototyping foams, pre-manufactured blanks for projects • Online resources: comprehensive video instructions Phone +432236892666 Fax +432236892666-18