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KINDERGARTEN AND SCHOOL EQUIPMENT | A2S Furnishing Systems 78 A2S Furnishing Systems Furniture for better education Headquarters: Stockheim, Germany Founded in: 1937 Number of employees: 800 Sector: Furniture Business activities: › Manufacturing and sale of furniture for educational establishments Products & services: › Furniture for educational establishments, e.g. schools, vocational training, universities, colleges, all-purpose halls, boarding hous- ing, dining halls, libraries and offices Important facts & figures: › Family-owned company › One of the market leaders in the educa- tional sector › 75 years of experience › 4 production plants › 70 million euros turnover per year A ll products are guaranteed by registered pat- terns and patents of various kinds. One of our own inventions is PAGHOLZ® . Thin layers of veneer are elaborately prepared for PAGHOLZ® , then dried and soaked in resin. Afterwards we press them into the desired shape under application of heat with up to 2,000 tons of pressure. PAGHOLZ® provides the natural appearance of solid wood and much more: • It keeps its shape beautifully • High-level of scratch- and wear-resistance • Resistant against breaking and impacts • Stain- and abrasion-resistant • Lightfast and chemically stable This means: an easy to clean and hardly inflammable, self- extinguishing material that can even be weather-proofed with special resins. All PAGHOLZ® products are especially durable and recyclable. We are a well-known German enterprise specialised in the outfitting line for educational establishments. Our speciali- sation on design, safety and quality corresponds with the high special requirements. Our stock of machineries with a very high working-power and efficiency, as well as our spe- cially trained staff meet all challenges and the high require- ments. Your advantages: • Leading competence in consultancy and planning • Active support to develop the perfect individual solution • Photo-realistic images • Cost efficient solutions for on-site-assembling • Guaranteed availability of all spare-parts A2S Furnishing Systems ASS-Einrichtungssysteme GmbH ASS-Adam-Stegner-Straße 19 96342 Stockheim Germany Phone +49 9265 808-0 Fax +49 9265 808-293 Email Web Phone +499265808-0 Fax +499265808-293