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FOREWORDS | Dr. Gerd Müller 6 F or decades, German companies have ranked among the most suc- cessful exporters worldwide. The German private sector is a strong and internationally recognised partner in the field of science and technology. In many fields, German companies are also investing in developing countries, places where German expertise and innova- tive technologies are highly sought after in the catch-up process. These investments increasingly contribute to successful economic cooperation with dynamically growing national economies, and create and secure jobs both locally and in Germany. The German business is an important partner when it comes to addressing global challenges. Many companies live up to their responsibilities, creating decent jobs and income opportunities as well as contributing to economic, social, ecological, not to mention cultural and political sustainability. Con- sumers too are increasingly asking questions about this responsibility, and expect a value-based economy. Via their investment, German companies can provide important impetus for growth and development in partner countries. This is effected not only through capital, but above all through their innovation, expertise, creativity and awareness of value. Know-how transfer plays a significant role in this. As Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, my priority is sustainable economic development in our partner countries. That is why I support German companies in this area, and would like to urge them to become even more active in this field. Sustainability is the benchmark for development, and it is for this reason that globalisation must not function exclusively for the benefit of markets and the economy, but above all, for people. Dr. Gerd Müller Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development THE GERMAN ECONOMY HAS A GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY