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75 ment is the Luxembourg University, Centre for Systems Biomedicine where WALDNER integrated laboratory ventilation as part of the service ceiling, including a supply and extract air control system (see page before). Adapting to new teach and research requirements New work requirements increasingly mean that labora- tories have to adapt to new situations, something that can be done quickly and simply with WALDNER service ceilings and portable furniture components. The clarity of layout in laboratories equipped with service ceilings cre- ates a modern and friendly working environment in which users are able to work efficiently. The systematic division of services and furniture enables individual components to be rearranged if required without disrupting the ongo- ing work of the laboratory. For science teaching labs, the ceilling based service wing allows multifunctional usage and easy change of different subjects – from general classrooms up to science labs in the same room. In many countries, this saves additional class- rooms. Various configuration options achieve enormous savings on construction costs in installation, implementation and expansions, ensuring that the interventions made in the structure of the building are as minimal as possible. Credits:WaldnerLabor-undSchuleinrichtungenGmbH