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61 Concepts designed to meet the highest demands Our didactic approach to Lucas-Nülle training systems aims to evoke the student’s curiosity and enthusiasm, convey insights into technical relationships and also permit the development of practical applications. These technical systems are supplemented by extensive, high-quality documentation, handbooks and experiment instructions designed to provide the necessary back- ground information and demonstrate how experiments are conducted safely and successfully. Our actions and thoughts are customer- oriented Having five sales teams operating worldwide means that we are always in the clients’ proximity wherever they may be. Keeping up-to-date on all the latest regional require- ments allows us to accommodate any client needs which have been determined during consultation and planning. Solutions can then be found that are tailor-made, ground- breaking and all encompassing. This approach translates into lower costs along with more efficient and sustainable results. We provide planning, consulting and project management The installation and outfitting of a sophisticated high-tech laboratory requires careful and professional planning. The client’s requirements need to be defined in detail prior to be- ing clearly compiled in technical specifications. This means that training and learning objectives must be given as much consideration as locational or architectural aspects. This is where experts from Lucas-Nülle have accumulated so much experience and know-how over the years. We train you personally We pay special attention and give added care to the training seminars we hold for our customers, instructors, teachers and lecturers. We familiarise you with the use and operation of modern laboratory equipment tech- nologies and their training objectives, either here in our attractive high-tech seminar centres in Kerpen, or on site in your newly equipped facility. Credits:Lucas-Nülle