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PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL EDUCATION | Festo Didactic 52 Festo Didactic provides learning solutions for the entire spectrum of mechatronics and industrial technologies for factory and process automation: pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, electrical engineering, robotics, CNC technol- ogy, PLC and fieldbus technology, HVAC, telecommuni- cation, and process control. The Festo Didactic portfolio combines training courses with tailor-made knowledge checks, competence plan- ning, e-learning programmes and hands-on learning systems. All product modules can be combined and scaled according to the demands of industrial compa- nies, universities, schools and industrial regions. As the leading provider of technical education solutions, we drive the development of new technologies and pre- pare workforces for integrated and sustainable automation. The technologies of networked production systems are currently converging from separate backgrounds into an intelligent network of software and components. The trend is moving away from rigid, centralised factory con- trol systems to decentralised intelligent systems in which networks can better respond to changes and to human intervention. Our learning factories prepare companies for the challenges involved in developing and establishing corresponding new technologies. Sustainability is a central topic for all economies. Festo Didactic offers learning systems and training programmes that specialise in the fields of energy efficiency, energy saving, recycling, mobility and water management. They train people in the planning of both simple and complex projects in these fields as well as in maintaining and opti- mising the operation of plants. Learning Factories and Vocational Training