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BestPractice 33 its diverse reference projects in the region, Lucas-Nülle also impressed the client thanks to its high educational standards and the ability to plan high-quality curricula and ultimately transfer them into spatial and pedagogical concepts. Experience and energy The result was a seamless learning and train- ing environment. The fact that Lucas-Nülle also offers a wide range of training systems for the energy sector was another advantage. The systems reproduce all the basics of electrical engineering and drive technology. In addition, there are fully functional energy grids and generators in an educational format. Technical consultants could therefore install a detailed and accurately rendered smart grid environ- ment on-site, enabling students to explore the interrelating as- pects within such a grid. Experiments regarding load circuits and their effects within the balance of the mains grid are part of the curriculum in advanced study phases. Interaction and multimedia Lucas-Nülle’s blended learning approach is showing itself to be particularly effective in this regard. The instructor becomes an accompanying guide. Students work through most of the experiments and course content independently using interactive educational software. This gives them greater self-confidence in making their own decisions and allows them to work and learn at their own pace. The seam- less dovetailing of theory and practice works particularly well thanks to the multimedia systems, motivating students to explore a topic in detail. This enables them to develop skills and problem-solving strategies which are needed all the time in everyday working life. The energy sector in particular needs skilled staff who always has the ability to come up with unusual solutions to problems which may arise suddenly. The hope that the students will prove themselves as valuable skilled workers in the industry after graduating was fulfilled within a year. The SESP is now busy build- ing other campuses, the last of which will be opened in 2015. Lucas-Nülle will also supply and install the technical equipment for these facilities. Due to the need for well-trained specialists, graduates are hired right away. Credits:Lucas-NülleGmbH;SaudiElectricServicesPolytechnic(SESP) Read more on page 58