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BestPractice 30 F ACT (Festo Authorized and Certified Training) is a Festo seal of quality indicating compliance to global standards for learning equipment and didactic methods for technical training in industrial automa- tion and mechatronics. Educational institutions certified as meeting these standards receive the status of a FACT Centre. Regular audits of trainers and facilities ensure continued compliance, providing customers with the cer- tainty that training courses are state of the art. Most training institutions focus on internal training for training apprentices or students. Employment for them in industry following the training is the key measure of the institution’s success. FACT builds a bridge between educational institu- tions and industry. A market survey ensures that the training offered is in demand. Festo also ensures that trainers master the relevant technologies and can efficiently transfer their knowledge and skills to participants from industry. As train- ers learn from participants, the ties between educational institutions and industry become closer and can lead to fruitful cooperation. The FACT design is based on Festo branding. FACT Centres are required to comply with the finely tuned corporate design of Festo, and benefit from the worldwide recognition of the brand and its standards. Festo in El Salvador: FACT Centres for better vocational training FACT Centre for Mechatronics in San Salvador, El Salvador The establishment of the FACT Centre for Mechatronics in 2008 resulted from a gap in the practical know-how of uni- versity graduates, who did not fulfil the application-oriented skill demands of local industry. The FACT Centre is a joint project between the ITCA and GIZ for the establishment of a dual educational programme. The layout of the laboratories was designed by Festo Didactic, which also assisted in the coordination of the project. The FACT Centre houses two labs which are equipped with learning systems. Students attend the training courses at the FACT Centre, where they acquire practical knowledge about up-to-date applications in automation technology. Activities related to dual vocational training at the FACT Centre started with 40 students. This number has increased to 120 per year since 2010. Today, the Centre runs at full capacity and applicants have to be rejected. From the first mechatronics graduates, 80 per cent are now in perma- nent employment and 20 per cent continued studying for a bachelor’s degree. FACT builds a bridge between educational ­institutions and industry. FACT Centre for Mechatronics in San Salvador, El Salvador Student working with an AFB learning factory