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DIDACTA AND PARTNERS | Worlddidac Association 22 The Worlddidac Association W orlddidac is the global trade association for companies providing products for education and training at all levels. It is the only globally operating organisation in this business sector and represents the business sector on an international level (i.e. Consultative Status with UNESCO). The association currently has 151 member companies and organisations from 33 countries. The Worlddidac team keeps regularly contact to member companies in order to learn about their needs, which in turn allows to develop adequate services for them. Members receive relevant infor- mation about all business related matters and are welcome to use the Worlddidac International Lounge facility at trade shows to meet with clients. In order to motivate manufacturers of educational products towards the development of high quality and innovative products and to support the continuous further develop- ment of learning and teaching, the Worlddidac Foundation organises every two years the internationally recognized Worlddidac Award. Services of Worlddidac Association • Trade Shows: Worlddidac organises international trade shows on different continents, which serve as platforms for producers, distributors, educational institutions, governmental departments and relevant end-users. The current trade shows organised or supported are: GESS Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates WORLDDIDAC Asia Hong Kong, China WORLDDIDAC Astana Astana, Kazakhstan GESS Mexico Mexico City, Mexico WORLDDIDAC India Bangalore, India The winners of the Worlddidac Award.