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14 DIDACTA AND PARTNERS | didacta international didacta international F or a long time now, Germany’s reputation for pro- ducing outstanding quality has also applied to the education concepts and products developed abroad. The Didacta Association will therefore strive to further strengthen its standing, while tapping into new mar- kets, particularly in newly industrialised countries. To make this possible, we founded “didacta international”, a committee that actively helps our members to position themselves abroad. By organising participation in trade fairs outside Germany, we play a key role in launching products on foreign markets and in establishing business contacts. The accompanying Global markets are becoming increasingly important for Germany’s education industry, therefore Didacta always works from an international perspective. Didacta organises German participation in trade fairs all over the world. congresses and trade events that we set up with our part- ners promote the German education system and thereby create synergies across national borders. “didacta international” activities are guided by the require- ments for training and educational technology worldwide. Providing a huge network of associated companies, institu- tions and organisations, “didacta international” is bridging the international demand and makes a significant contribu- tion to the development of educational systems. For more information please visit: