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13 Credits:©MatejKastelic,MonkeyBusinessImages/;DidactaVerband Contact: Didacta – Association of the German Education Industry Rheinstraße 94 64295 Darmstadt, Germany Phone: +49 6151 35215-0 Fax: +49 6151 35215-19 Email: and equipment to meet the highest standards. We think and work in a dual system which combines theory with practice in conveying the skills necessary for working competently, while at the same time ensuring technology transfer by integrating industrial components into these very systems. Infrastructure, hardware, teachware, and train-the-trainer seminars form a complete concept that is combined with PC-based multimedia for what is now an efficient and indispensable learning solution that includes measurements, evaluations and learning feedback. Didacta – Association of the German Education Industry Didacta represents the interests of the German education industry and promotes the application of high-quality teach- ing and learning aids, furnishings and equipment designed to meet the unique needs of all learning environments. Didacta joins hands with associations and organisations, political bodies, educational facilities, and the media in or- der to promote the German education industry worldwide. …to vocational training and further education. Didacta promotes high quality in all fields of education – from kindergarten and school… Phone: +49615135215-0 Fax: +49615135215-19