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12 DIDACTA AND PARTNERS | Competence from Germany in vocational training and education Competence from Germany in vocational training and education There is no longer any doubt that a country’s wealth is dependent on its industrial and economic development. But we also know for sure that a country’s industrial and economic development presupposes education and above all vocational and advanced further training. Vocational training and education in Germany Today, Germany’s high level of prosperity and excellent economic position is an example for the “return on invest- ment” it has achieved in general education and specifically in vocational training. Germany enjoys a long tradition of vocational training in the manual trades and crafts as well as in engineering, and continues to adapt and develop its institutions to the latest economic and industrial demands. The driving force of this went beyond technology per se to also include in particular the evolution of teaching concepts and didactic methods which have been necessary to con- vey the ever more complex information and skill required to perform one’s profession successfully and efficiently. German manufacturers guarantee competence, quality and technology transfer The systems from successful German vendors orient themselves strictly by the requirements set forth by the industry, the trades and business. These requirements are stipulated and updated constantly in syllabuses and training objectives by the industry and the chambers of commerce and trade (IHK/HWK) and the ministries of education in the individual federal states as well as the Federal Institute for Vocational Training and Education (BIBB). On the basis of the results of this proven specialisation, German companies develop and produce training systems German companies produce training systems and equipment to meet the highest standards.